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Our Chiro clinic has served Beldon, Joondalup and the surrounding suburbs for more than 30 years by providing chiropractic treatment and care to our community. Our team of health professionals are governed and supported by two of Perth’s most long-standing Chiropractors Dr Warren Genders and Dr Michael Blair. This popular Wellness Hub has a reputation for excellence in family wellness, injury rehabilitation and pain elimination. Our Belridge Chiro clinic has both male and female practitioners who have the expertise and tools to make a difference in your life.

Our motto is Optimal Services and Optimal Care = Optimal Health
The optimal service starts with our passionate and caring frontdesk staff to guide you on your way from the first phone call ( 9401 0777), to our Doctors of Chiropractic who are success-oriented, patient-focused and results driven, giving you absolute optimal care. Reaching optimal health means you have the results you came to us for.
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Our team are hand-picked for their positive energy and passion for helping others. To us, this means we want our patients to be surrounded by a supportive and empathetic group. We provide ongoing training and professional development to both doctors and front desk staff to ensure skill and superior service. The Belridge family are a true bunch of passionate individuals that put people first in a warm and nurturing environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractors use skill to adjust the appropriate area. Strength or force is not required to gain a good result. Like all methods of spinal healthcare adverse reactions may occur in some patients. Chiros receive a minimum of five years full time specialised education on the health of the spine and nervous system and its related conditions. So you should be in good hands!

Great question! Like physios, Chiropractors see a wide range of conditions. Both have similar years training and both treat the whole body. When it comes to assessing, restoring, and maintaining the health of the spine and the nervous system Chiropractors are the experts.

Definitely not! We see people of all ages and perform a thorough assessment on each patient so that we can modify our treatment if needed to suit each person, no matter what stage in life they are at. 

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Cracking in a spinal joint is actually the result of a change in pressure inside the joint which causes gas to be released. It is not indicating bone on bone friction. The problem with self-cracking is that the unstable joints may crack and become hypermobile. When these hypermobile joints move too much you get the audible cracking or popping noise you hear. As chiropractors, we are trained to find the joints that are stuck and dysfunctional and apply a specific force to get that joint moving again.

Depending on how long the underlying issue has been present for, will determine how long it will take for us to address the underlying dysfunction. Getting you out of pain initially is a priority. Belridge Chiropractic clients always return when issues need reassessing to keep them functional.

Your body will adapt and compensate for a period of time before it eventually is overwhelmed and generates pain. Therefore, pain is usually the last symptom to appear and the first symptom to disappear with treatment.  However, what it does mean is that we do recommend periodic check-ups of the spine so we can pick up and correct issues early, before your body starts to break down and create pain. Remember in most cases the problem has been occurring way before the pain rears its ugly head!

Chiropractic Treatment for Children, Dr Emily Arnett, Family Chiropractor, Belridge Chiropractic 6027

Belridge Chiropractic

Our Other Modalities

Your body is your temple, so finding the best method of pain relief, wellness care, injury prevention or rehabilitation is a prime concern for the practitioners at Belridge Chiropractic. Working closely with the other health modalities will enable us to find this for you. Joondalup Massage and Joondalup Naturopathy are located here in our Beldon Chiropractic clinic for your convenience.

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The Chiropractors aim is to ensure your body is functioning as optimally as possible by improving spinal health, mobility and primarily the relief of pain.
Joondalup Massage, Massage Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation


Remedial massage is designed to reduce pain and recovery of ailments or injury. Used to unwind the bodys stresses, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.
Joondalup Naturopath, Holistic Medicine and Wellness Joondalup


Naturopathic medicine is about empowering patients to make better choices in order to achieve greater health throughout their entire lives, naturally!


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