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For over 30 years, Belridge Chiropractic has been passionate about helping community members live a better life.

Belridge Chiropractic, Joondalup Family Chiropractic


The Chiropractors aim is to ensure your body is functioning as optimally as possible by improving spinal health, mobility and primarily the relief of pain.
Joondalup Massage, Massage Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation


Remedial massage is designed to reduce pain and recovery of ailments or injury. Used to unwind the bodys stresses, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.
Joondalup Naturopath, Holistic Medicine and Wellness Joondalup


Naturopathic medicine is about empowering patients to make better choices in order to achieve greater health throughout their entire lives, naturally!

Meet our Chiros at Belridge Chiropractic, dedicated to providing you and your family with the best experience possible.

Welcome to Belridge Chiropractic, our team has created a space where wellness care is provided in a vibrant and supportive environment. We offer caring, compassionate, and reliable support for every member of the family through our diverse range of modalities.

Our team of healthcare professionals is hand-picked, not only for their skill and expertise, but for the positive energy they bring to the Beldon clinic. Patients appreciate that they have the option of working with a male or female chiropractor.

Helping families with children of all ages and concerns. Women’s health, paediatric, and sporting performance-focused practitioners at hand.  Our mission is to understand your problems, listen to your goals, and attempt to take you beyond what you came in for.

Your healing begins from the moment you walk in the door!

Why you should consider a Chiro

Sports Rehab

Whether you are a competitive athlete, a dedicated gym junkie, or just love your weekly Pilates classes, our techniques can aid your recovery from sports related injuries. Chiropractic treatment is for the whole body to ensure your body mechanics are fully functioning for the best recovery possible.


Are you suffering from work-related injuries, joint-related operations, recovering from a motor vehicle accident, or simply age-related strains and sprains? Then Chiropractic care may help you relieve pain, and increase your chance of a quicker recovery.

Back Pain

Chiropractors are skilled in diagnosing and treating this condition! Spinal adjustments and mobilisation can improve function and help with pain relief symptoms such as arthritis, spasm, scoliosis, and spondylosis using a variety of methods. 

Neck Pain

Gentle Adjusting of the neck area can help reduce pain and increase range of motion. Clients suffering with tech neck, whiplash, sports injuries, and reoccuring headaches seek out this type of care. You can successfully alleviate neck pain with chiropractic care.

Headaches and Migraines

Some of the most common headaches and migraines come from spinal stresses which a Chiropractor is trained to help you with. Whiplash, poor posture, disc and joint issues, infection, strains and stress are other causes and respond well to chiropractic care.

Pregnancy Care

There are many wonderful and natural ways Chiropractic can help from preconception, throughout pregnancy, and beyond birth. Many women see chiropractors for a spine and pelvis assessment prior to and during their pregnancy, ensuring optimal alignment for labour and birth

Chiropractic can help you with many varied symptoms.

Do you suffer from any of these?

Come in to our clinic with a difference!

If you’re attracted to a warm and comforting ambience surrounded by people who care, you’ll definitely appreciate our practice. We offer decades of hard-won experience accompanied by patient-centred care for every member of the family.

Belridge Chiropractic is almost an entirely referral-based family chiropractic practice. We have a reputation for excellence in the community for over 30 years. Our patients enthusiastically refer their friends and family to experience our skilled and passionate healthcare.

If you suffer from headaches, neck pain, back pain, pain from prolonged sitting, or just from the effects of aging, we are here to help and guide you to better and pain-free health.

Our mission is to understand your problems, listen to your goals and attempt to take you beyond what you came in for. We always go the extra mile for those we serve. Our Chiropractors freely educate and inform whenever they can.

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