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Chiropractic for Injury and Pain Management

Chiropractors treat most injuries, either sports or otherwise, and if unable to they will recommend another modality that is best suited for that injury. The most common injuries Chiropractors will treat in this clinic are:

  • Lower back strains
  • Neck pain and back pain
  • Ham string strains
  • Knee injuries
  • Bursitis and rotator cuff injury
  • Herniated discs
  • Pregnancy related back pain
  • Posture related issues


Finding the best form of treatment to help aid your chiropractic care may vary, here are some we may recommend to you.


Dry needlingThis is where a thin stainless-steel needle is inserted into the muscles, and it helps release the tension and tightness. The needle is inserted usually between 3-150mm depending on the actual muscle being treated. There is nothing injected from this treatment. Dry needling can often promote recovery and improve performance.

Strapping – Compression is one of the rules during rehab of an injury. Chiropractors may choose to strap their client or recommend it if the injury is pre-existing, vulnerable and needs a little help holding it’s structure. For some of these injuries taping the nerve tract of the inflamed area may reduce the inflammation time.

Rehab and exercise plans –. Your Chiropractor can design a plan that consists of strength and exercise recommendations that will be individually focused on your rehabilitation or goals. Chiropractors are well trained in spinal care to relieve pain, improve mobility and function, and aid the natural healing of our bodies.

Remedial massage – Chiropractors often recommend remedial massage to their clients when the spinal alignment is successful, but the muscle tension is taking time to subside. Patients with chronic pain or regular inflammation issues are referred to a Remedial massage treatment to aid reduction of this before the next adjustment is required. Belridge Chiropractic has Massage therapists inhouse for your convenience.

(See Joondalup Massage located at Belridge Chiropractic)

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