Be part of the Winter donations campaign 2023

Every year Belridge Chiropractic join forces with a local charity to help with their winter campaigns. This year we were so impressed with Youth Futures WA located in Joondalup and their focus on helping our local youth that we have decided to help fill their cupboards with warm winter Jackets and Jeans for those in need.

Giving aid to our community is something that Belridge Chiropractic has been involved in for almost 30 years whether it be Christmas boxes, scarves and beanies or like this year jacket and jeans. We are so blessed to have an amazing team of  Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopath, and Chiro Assistants that are always invested in our community endeavours. Luckily we are surrounded by an even more amazing group of clients that every year donate with us.

Like this awesome client pictured we would love for you to go through your wardrobe and gather those preloved jackets and jeans and drop them off to our clinic before the 1st June.

Tap link to read more about what Youth Futures WA do for our community.

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