Bouncing Back After Birth

The birth process, whether natural or assisted with intervention is a very dynamic event mentally, emotionally, and physically. The recovery postpartum can take as long as the pregnancy itself. The first 6 weeks postpartum are very important as hormone levels are still settling and with that, most activities need to be adjusted accordingly even if the birth was smooth and uneventful.

Chiropractic adjustment and rehabilitation is most effective within that 6-week window as the hormone relaxin is still circulating and we have a greater opportunity to ease into better posture and alignment especially in the rib cage and pelvis relationship return to their pre-pregnancy status. That’s also good reason not to get into any heavy lifting as the pelvic floor still needs time to recover and strengthen. This will also be a good timeframe to do basic pelvic floor exercises and a suitable cardio exercise like gentle walking.

Another paramount advantage of an adjustment is the improvement of the proprioceptive feedback of the joint system. This advantage is not only applicable to pregnancy and postpartum but to all cases of spinal and extremity function and motion.

Proprioception is your body’s feedback loop of what the individual segments of the joints are doing. This foundation needs to be working correctly to allow good dynamics of the body as a whole. Once the foundation is functioning properly, the other steps of progressing into rehab have a good chance of success.

Whatever exercise and recovery path you decide to take on after giving birth will benefit from having a well-adjusted foundation allowing less likelihood of injury  and an improved healing postpartum so you can keep up with your new cherished baby.

Any further guidance or help with your preparation can be given by making a post partum appointment to see a Chiropractor at Belridge Chiropractic.


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