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Chiropractic for Hip Pain and Knee Pain

Hip pain and knee pain can be extremely debilitating and often hard to determine what is causing it if you hadn’t had an obviously accident or injury occur. Simple daily movements like walking, bending and getting up from a chair can be disabling.

Simply getting to the bottom of your pain is important and we must check out all parameters, above and below the point of concern.

The knee is a hinge joint, meaning that it only moves forward and backwards (maybe a little bit of twisting). On the other hand, the hip moves with different ranges of motion. When things start to get tight in the hip that will inevitably lead to putting pressure on the knee joints.

What might feel like a pinch around the knee can be coming from a tight glute medius (side of the hip). You can do all the knee strengthening you can but without treating the cause in the hip the pain will only continue to get worse.

Just as the knee can be affected by the hip it can work the other way too.

If you are too dominant with your quadriceps (front of your thigh) then what feels like tight legs can lead to hip flexor and lower back pain. The quads attach onto the pelvis and when they are too tight start to draw the pelvis forward called an anterior pelvic tilt.

Hip pain and knee pain is complex and requires testing and experience to diagnose and treat. Make sure to get your pain checked early to make sure you get back to doing what you want to do as soon as you can. Your Chiropractors can discuss with you the best course of treatment with a mix of adjustment, soft tissue treatment and mobilisation exercises like we have here on our website.

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